Thinking Outside of The Box with HS Graduation Pathways!

Presenter: Scott Carr

Location: Tundra C/D

This session will cover multiple graduation options and pathways for students. Included will be how to position career pathways, including our WI Pathways, to these graduation options to meet the needs of students' career interests allowing the student to achieve their post-secondary goals. Challenge your thinking on how to allow what have been traditional alternative graduation pathways to become part of your academic and planning options for all students. Content will focus on a process of early identification of student needs and interests, gaining an understanding of how to structure and position graduation options to support these needs and interests, and developing effective career pathways to align to students’ needs and interests. Many of our students are career ready at an early age. Why wouldn’t we create and have options for students to transition into career opportunities sooner along with offering options for graduation that get them there?

Graduation Options: GED Option 2 - general info will be provided on how to structure and best use this option. 5.09 Competency-Based Wisconsin College Technical System - information will be provided on how to participate in this program allowing it to be an option for graduation. Reduced Credit Graduation Option - information will be provided on state graduation requirements and how to develop a graduation pathway that meets these requirements at a reduced credit option.

Career Pathways: Information will be provided on assessing and aligning CTE pathways along with reviewing DPI’s WI Pathways and the work that has been done to support regional career pathways.