Help the Helpers!

Presenter: Ashley Rhodes-Courter and Brandice Almeida

Location: Sandstone 3

Take a break with two licensed therapists as we discuss ways to HELP THE HELPERS! Educators are often on the front lines working with children who come from high-risk and high-conflict circumstances. In this workshop, we will discuss elements and implications of vicarious trauma, burnout, self-care, ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences), and various therapeutic techniques that can be applied in your classrooms, offices, homes, and lives. Ashley Rhodes-Courter, LCSW, and Brandice Almeida, LCSW serve hundreds of children, families, and professionals at their agency, Sustainable Family Services in St. Petersburg, FL. There, you’ll even find therapy chickens and Guinea pigs! We believe in the power of play and in the healing capabilities of the creative arts.